Website Development

We specialize in creating easy to use and maintain websites. We want your website to be a great experience for your customers as well as your company. All of our websites include content management installation, various design and feature installation, and content transfer/installation. We want your new website to be the last website you buy.

A Website Built To Last

All of our websites are built using WordPress, an amazing content management system that is not only powerful, but easy to use and incredibly expandable. Another advantage of this software is portability; virtually every part of your website is editable and exportable for use with most web hosts. This will be the last website you will need to learn to use!

Website Hosting

We offer a hosting package with 1 Gigabyte of Disk Space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited e-mail addresses for $120/year or $15/month.

WordPress Websites Without Worry

We also offer maintenance services for your website:

  • Weekly Website Backups - We create weekly backups of your website and keep it in offline storage. ($5/month)
  • Weekly WordPress Software Updates - We keep your WordPress Core installation and Plug-ins updated. We test every site before and after we update your installation or plug-ins to assure everything will continue to run smoothly and worry-free. ($10/month)
  • Weekly Traffic Reports* - We will e-mail you a breakdown of your website traffic every week.

*Google Analytics Access Required

Is self hosting a better option for you?

Most of our website hosting customers are also our website development customers, so we offer our hosting as a convenience to those who only want to deal with one company for everything related to their website. We are also happy to work with other hosting companies. If your company would rather manage their own website hosting, we recommend and use Hostgator.

Webmaster Services

If you would rather focus on your business than maintain your website, we can act as your "webmaster" for most existing websites. Our maintenance packages start at $50 per month. We can add, remove or change text, photos, store items, blog posts – just about anything on your website. We can also create a schedule of regular changes to your site to keep it relevant to your customers.